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100 Applied Bank Blvd
Glen Mills, PA 19342

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Wegmans Glen Mills Indian Food: Insanely Trashy

If you enjoy getting ripped off with crappy Indian food at ridiculous prices, then Wegmans in Glen Mills (a few miles across the Delaware state line in PA) is just the right place to visit.

On both quality and variety fronts, my Indian odyssey to Wegmans Glen Mills on a rainy evening turned out to be a miserable experience.

If you ask me, the bozos at Wegmans Glen Mills know as much about Indian food as yours truly does about Lady Gaga's oeuvre.

In tears, I asked myself sotto voce - Hey Ram, where are the Indian flavors?

After spending $9.91, I was mad as hell and still hungry.

And mind you, I'm not even a heavy eater like the other Bakasuras from Mera Bharat Mahaan (Incredible India)!

Wegmans Ambiance
Wegmans - Nice Ambiance

Wegmans Glen Mills - Nice Store

Wegmans Glen Mills is a six-minute drive from the Concord Pike Mall. Just keep driving north on RT-202 and you'll soon see it on the right.

Compared to the average big box Delaware grocery store (which is only a slightly better version of a Kent County chicken farm), Wegmans Glen Mills has a pleasing gleaming ambiance.

You can't but be impressed with the size and amount of stuff at the Wegmans Glen Mills store.

Wegmans Vegetables & Fruits
Fresh Vegetables & Fruits
There're various buffet counters, a bakery, a pub, vegetables, fruits, grocery and tons of other stuff.

Hey, there's even 'Premium' Dog Food at Wegmans in aisle 17A for those who recoil at the horror of feeding ordinary food to their canine alter egos. No kidding, just look at the below picture!

Wegmans Dog Food
Dog Food @ Wegmans
Unlike the sourpusses at Delaware grocery stores who seem to be forever in high dudgeon or mourning, I found the Wegmans Glen Mills staff smiling and eager to help.

I suspect Wegmans staff is paid better and treated like humans.

Indian Food @ Wegmans Glen Mills

If you're heading to Wegmans Glen Mills for the Indian food, you can find it in the Asian section (which also includes Chinese and Thai fare).

Mind you, at $8.99/lb the food at Wegmans Glen Mills is not cheap.

For comparison purposes, you can get a 10 or 15 course all-you-can-eat Indian buffet for $8.99 at most Indian restaurants on weekdays

Wegmans Tastes of Asia Counter
Tastes of Asia Food Counter
On the day of my visit, there were just four Indian items - Curry Chicken, Channa Masala, Chicken Makhani and Nan Bread.

What a skimpy deal for the wonderful cuisine from my homeland!

I don't know if Wegmans changes the Indian menu every day or it's the same affair every day.

Wegmans Indian Food Counter
Indian Food @ Wegmans
Now for the Indian food I ate at Wegmans Glen Mills.

Chicken Curry, a commonplace Indian entree, was a miserable flop.

The curry was of the boneless variety and the chicken pieces nestled in a medium thick brown color gravy.

But the curry failed at a fundamental level because it was not in the least bit spicy.

A curry not spicy is like Lady Gaga arriving at an event dressed demurely!

Miserable as I was, little did I know the trauma that lay ahead of me!

Whoever prepared the Channa Masala that made its way to my plate must have apprenticed in Satan's kitchen.

I kid you not. It was sooo inedibly bad.

Wegmans Indian & Thai Food
$9:91 - Naan Bread (top), Chicken Makhani (left)
Channa Masala (middle), Curry Chicken (right)
Veg Fried Rice & Thai Crisp Chicken (bottom)
Not one whit spicy and not one bit flavorful, it was abject misery to someone like me who loves Indian food.

To describe Wegmans Channa Masala as garbage would be a disservice to garbage!

Wearily, I trekked on to Chicken Makhani, the next mountain on my Wegmans expedition.

Alas, the Chicken Makhani was way too sour.

The villain was the excessive use of the Tomato sauce.

It was also not as creamy as I'd have liked it.

Wegmans Dining Area
Eat-in Section @ Wegmans Glen Mills
The best that could be said of the Naan Bread was that it was not as offensive as the Channa Masala and Chicken Curry.

There are also some heat-n-eat curry packets (mostly MTR and Kohinoor brands) at Wegmans. But I did not care to pick them up since I had tried them all so many times in the past.

Wegmans Indian Curry Packets
MTR & Other Indian Curry Packets
I also found a few Indian items in the frozen food aisle and picked up Wegmans Chicken Korma.

Trader Joes in Wilmington seems to have more Indian items in their frozen section.

Wegmans Frozen Indian Curry Packets
Frozen Indian Curry Packets

Wegmans Chicken Korma

Depraved Monsters!


Hillary Clinton!



Donald Trump!


Bernie Sanders!


These are just a tiny sample of the epithets that flew out of my mouth after I spooned the first bits of Wegmans' eat-n-heat Chicken Korma into my mouth!

Wegmans Chicken Korma Box
Chicken Korma - $3.99
Phew! What an off-putting smell!

The first chicken piece was a chewy piece of garbage that I had to spit out.

With a revolting odor and flavor of antibiotics, Wegmans Chicken Korma was a depravity wrapped in a monstrosity inside an atrocity.

Wegmans Chicken Korma
Chicken Korma & Basmati Rice (pre-microwave)
Surely, the last meal at the Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana or inside the ISIS cage in Raqqa or the daily dinner at the Reagan White House would taste a million times better than Wegmans' monstrosity of a Chicken Korma.

Only @ Wegmans can one human be so cruel to inflict such insufferable pain on another!

Wegmans Chicken Korma Rice
Chicken Korma Rice (post-microwave)

Non-Indian Food

There's a humongous amount of non-Indian food at Wegmans Glen Mills.

Since the purpose of my visit was to explore Indian food, I did not venture far into non-Injun territory.

However, I did sample two non-Indian items - Thai Crispy Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Vegetable Fried Rice (with green peas, egg, onion, carrot) was lukewarm, had a faint odor of Soy sauce and no flavor.

Thai Crispy Chicken was rather sweetish and certainly not crisp. Unless crisp means rubbery in the Wegmans dictionary.

Wegmans Glen Mills - Depressing

In a just world, the rodentologists preparing the Indian dishes at Wegmans Glen Mills would be arrested, hauled round Delaware on an extended 'perp-walk' leash and sentenced to harsh labor in one of the CIA 'not-so-secret' prisons in Egypt or Poland.

Unless you derive insatiable pleasure from self-flagellation and self-mutilation, I'd recommend you stay far from the Indian section at Wegmans Glen Mills.

When it comes to Indian food, the folks at Wegmans Glen Mills are Stalin-like sadists and Madoff-like scamsters out to torture and bamboozle you.

Don't say the good souls at DelawareIndia.com didn't warn you!

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