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June 3, 2019 - Newark, DE Pakistani doctor Zahid Aslam, (46) with practices in Delaware (Camden), Maryland (Elkton), Pennsylvania and New Jersey (Scotch Plains) sentenced on May 31, 2019 to a 30-month prison term and three years of supervised release for making a false statement to a financial institution.

Dr Aslam, owner and operator of Fast Care Medical Aid Unit and Amna Medical Center, LLC, was indicted by a federal grand jury in June 2017 on three counts of conspiracy to commit fraud.
Dr Zahid Aslam, Photo Courtesy: Media OutletsDr Zahid Aslam
The indictment against Dr Zahid Aslam included three counts:
Fast Care Medical Aid Unit, LLC owns and operates multiple walk-in medical centers in Delaware and Maryland doing business as "Got-A-Doc Walk-In Medical Centers."

Amna Medical Center which is also controlled by Dr. Aslam, does business under the name "Alpha Medical Center" in Elkton, Maryland and Camden, Delaware.

According to indictment and court documents:
...Dr. Aslam, a doctor with practices in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, entered into a bank fraud scheme with Tae Kim, his loan officer at Citibank and WSFS Bank, respectively.

...Aslam recruited two other associates to misrepresent in loan applications that they were the true borrowers and operators of medical practices, when, in actuality, Aslam owned and operated the practices and ultimately controlled the loan proceeds.

..Aslam used the third parties to apply for the loans because Aslam knew that he would not otherwise qualify for financing had he applied on his own behalf.

..Aslam and Kim concealed the existence of an extensive financial relationship between the two from Citibank and WSFS during the period in which Kim acted as Aslam’s loan officer, including their joint ownership of businesses, as well as large cash payments and a BMW sedan that Aslam provided to Kim.

..the defendant Dr Aslam defrauded two financial institutions by misrepresenting the actual owners and operators of two medical practices and by failing to disclose a significant financial relationship with his former loan officer.
Financial Penalties
In addition to 30 month prison term, Dr Aslam and his medical practice businesses have also been slapped with fines to resolve health care fraud allegations as part of the prior plea agreement and civil settlement with the government.

The civil settlement included a payment of $3,070,000 to resolve health care fraud allegations.

Besides the civil settlement, Fast Care Medical Aid Unit also pleaded guilty to criminal health care fraud and paid a $100,000 fine.

Medical Penalties
As a result of his criminal conviction and the civil settlement, Aslam surrendered his medical licenses in Delaware and Maryland.

And the New Jersey Medical Board revoked his medical license on January 16, 2019 following his indictment and guilty plea.

In addition to stripping medical license, the government has also barred Dr Aslam from billing federal healthcare medicare and medicaid programs.

Potential Immigration Penalties
Dr Zahid Aslam is a green card holder and hence is also subject to removal by immigration authorities upon completing his prison sentence.

A graduate of Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore, Pakistan, Dr Zahid Aslam is an Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist.


Sahil Langote of Delaware Makes it to 2019 National Spelling Bee Finals
May 29, 2019 - Indian-American kid, Sahil Langote of New Castle, DE is one of the 50 contestants vying for 2019 Spelling Bee Championship being held in Washington DC.

Sahil Langote is an eight grade student from DuPont Middle School in Wilmington, DE.

Delaware Indian 2019 National Spelling Bee Finalist
Desi Contestants in 2019 National Spelling Bee Finals
Including Sahil Langote from New Castle, DE, a total of 24 Desis are vying for the 2019 National Spelling Bee championship.

The 24 Desi contestants who made it 2019 Spelling Bee finals are:

Indian-American Spelling Champs
Indian-Americans have been basically competing against each other in recent years.

Here’s a list of Indian-American Spelling Bee champs since 2000:

2018 - Karthik Nemmani
2017 - Ananya Vinay
2016 - Jairam Hathwar & Nihar Janga
2015 - Gokul Venkatachalam & Vanya Shivashankar
2014 – Ansun Sujoe & Sriram Hathwar
2013 – Arvind Mahankali
2012 – Snigdha Nandipati
2011 – Sukanya Roy
2010 – Anamika Veeramani
2009 – Kavya Shivashankar
2008 – Sameer Mishra
2005 – Anurag Kashyap
2003 – Sai R.Gunturi
2002 – Pratyush Buddiga
2000 – George Abraham Thampy

It’ll be a huge surprise if an Indian kid fails to win the Spelling Bee trophy this year too.

2019 National Spelling Bee Venue & Schedule
Venue: Maryland Ballroom, Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, Fort Washington, MD 20745

2019 Spelling Bee Finals
May 30, 2019 @ 10AM

2019 Spelling Bee Finals Opening Remarks
May 30, 2019 @ 8PM

2019 Spelling Bee Finals Competition
May 30, 2019 @ 8:30PM


Two Delaware Indians Make it to 2019 National Spelling Bee Preliminaries
May 25, 2019 - Two Delaware Indian kids are among the 565 vying for 2019 Spelling Bee Championship to be held in Washington DC from May 27-30.

A total of three kids from Delaware are competing for the 2019 national Spelling Bee championship.

And, two out of 3 kids representing the state of Delaware are Indian-Americans.

Delaware Indian 2019 National Spelling Bee Contestants2019 National Spelling Bee
Desi Contestants from Delaware
The two Delaware Indian contestants are:

* Maanvi Sarwadi of Bear, DE
* Sahil Langote of New Castle, DE

Both Manvi Sarwadi and Sahil Langote are 8th Grade students from Caravel Academy, Bear and DuPont Middle School, Wilmington respectively.

Desi Contestants in 2019 National Spelling Bee
Including the two Delaware Indians, a total of at least 164 Desis from Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Texas and other states are vying for the 2019 National Spelling Bee championship.

Of the 164 desis, 68 are girls and the rest boys.

It’ll be a huge surprise if an Indian kid fails to win the Spelling Bee trophy this time too.

Indian-American Spelling Champs
Indian-Americans have been basically competing against each other in recent years.

Here’s a list of Indian-American Spelling Bee champs since 2000:

2018 - Karthik Nemmani
2017 - Ananya Vinay
2016 - Jairam Hathwar & Nihar Janga
2015 - Gokul Venkatachalam & Vanya Shivashankar
2014 – Ansun Sujoe & Sriram Hathwar
2013 – Arvind Mahankali
2012 – Snigdha Nandipati
2011 – Sukanya Roy
2010 – Anamika Veeramani
2009 – Kavya Shivashankar
2008 – Sameer Mishra
2005 – Anurag Kashyap
2003 – Sai R.Gunturi
2002 – Pratyush Buddiga
2000 – George Abraham Thampy

2019 National Spelling Bee Venue & Schedule
Venue: Maryland Ballroom, Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, Fort Washington, MD 20745

2019 Spelling Bee Round One Test
May 27, 2019 from 11AM-11:45AM

2019 Spelling Bee Preliminaries
May 28, 2019 from 8AM-4:35PM & 4:45PM-6:30PM

2019 Spelling Bee Preliminaries Continued
May 29, 2019 from 8AM-4:30PM

2019 Spelling Bee Announcement of Finalists
May 29, 2019 @ 4:45PM

2019 Spelling Bee Finals
May 30, 2019 @ 10AM

2019 Spelling Bee Finals Opening Remarks
May 30, 2019 @ 8PM

2019 Spelling Bee Finals Competition
May 30, 2019 @ 8:30PM


May 9, 2019 - Delaware Indian doctor Nihar B. Gala, of Alpha Care Medical in Millsboro, DE lost his medical license following allegations that he prescribed opioids to an addiction patient in exchange for sexual favors.

The State of Delaware has permanently revoked Dr Gala's medical license on May 8, 2019.

Nihar B. Gala - Photo Courtesy - http://drnihargala.healthpage.orgDr Nihar B Gala
Dr Nihar B. Gala who manages pain management and addiction treatment center Alpha Care Medical, allegedly had a quid pro quo relationship with a female patient struggling with addition.

According to the complaint filed by Delaware state prosecutor:

The female patient first saw Gala in September 2016. She was being treated by other providers and received Suboxone for opiate addiction since December 2015.

..Gala took the woman off Suboxone and wrote her a prescription for Oxycodone for pain management. He did this without looking at the patient's previous treatment records. He also did not contact her other providers.

..A month later, Gala prescribed the patient a 30-day supply of Fentanyl and a 30-day supply of Oxycodone.

..His last recorded visit with the patient was on Oct. 28, 2016. At this time, he wrote her a prescription for OxyContin in addition to her Oxycodone prescription.

About a week later, the doctor wrote the patient a prescription for a 30-day supply of Oxycodone and increased her dosage even though he did not have a visit with the patient. Gala did not record any medical explanation for the prescription.

..When the patient asked Got-A-Doc for Suboxone in December 2016, an employee reviewed the patient's report and saw that Gala had prescribed a 30-day supply of hydromorphone as recently as Nov. 30, 2016.

Once again, Gala did not provide any medical justification for the prescription or have a visit or examination of the patient.

The patient told the employee that starting in October 2016 Gala had given her and prescribed her controlled substances in exchange for sexual favors.

..When the employee asked Gala about these allegations, he denied seeing the patient for several months, even though he prescribed her medication on Nov. 6, 2016, and Nov. 30, 2016.
The complaint stems from Dr Gala's work at several “Got-A-Doc” walk-in medical centers in Millsboro and Camden prior to January 2017.

The details related to revoking medical license of Dr. Nihar B. Gala will be made public at Delaware Medical Board's upcoming meeting in June 2019.


Apna Bazar Chain Coming to Newark Center Point Plaza on RT 58
April 22, 2019 - Delaware will soon get another Indian grocery store in the form of Apana Bazar.

Indian Grocery ItemsIndian Grocery
The new Indian grocery store will open in May, 2019, in the place of former Kitchen & Co. store.

Besides all the staples of Indian grocery and spices, Apna bazar Newark will also offer fruits and vegetables.

Apna Bazar, Newark is a branch of the eponymous Apna Bazar Farmers Market in Jackson Heights, NY.

The new Indian grocery store will be on RT 58 opposite Christina Hospital and near Home Depot in Center Point Plaza.

Over Crowded Indian Grocery Scene
Delaware now has ten Indian grocery stores including the recently opened Apna Desh on RT 13 South in New Castle.

Indian KarelaIndian Bitter Melon (Karela)
Besides the recent addition, Newark and New Castle areas already have three major Indian grocery stores - Newark Farmers Market on Kirkwood Hwy, Everest Indian Super Market on RT 58 and Parivar on RT 273.

In recent weeks, Apna Bazar has been advertising for Cashiers and Store Associates for the Newark location.

The new Apna Bazar Farmers Market will be at 1307 Churchmans Road, Newark, DE 19702

Verandah Drops Anchor in Wilmington
March 28, 2019 - Delaware will soon get a new Indian street food restaurant in the form of Verandah.

The Chaat and Kabab place will open around April 18, 2019, at the new DECO Food Hall in the DuPont building in downtown Wilmington.

Indian Street Food SamosaSamosas (a Popular Indian Snack)
Verandah Wilmington is an offshoot of the eponymous Baltimore Indian restaurant run by Amit and Radhika Sule.

The new restaurant will be @ 10th St and Orange St in Wilmington, a block from Rodney Square.

Food @ Verandah
Besides various Chaats, you can expect to see samosas, parathas, beef and chicken kabab, wraps, salads and tikki masala on Verandah Wilmington's menu.

Going by the Baltimore menu of Verandah, you should expect to see chaats priced around $8-$9, meals around $13, and Tikka Masala for $13-$14.

Mango Lassi and ginger-mint lemonade are also likely to find a place on Verandah Wilmington's menu.

Downtown Wilmington is not a great place for Indian restaurants since the area does not attract a large crowd after 6PM.

Also, there's already a Chaat place just three blocks away on Market Street in the form of Masala Kitchen (only vegetarian food).

Besides Verandah, the DECO Food Hall, set to open April 18, 2019, will feature a Vietnamese place, a pizzeria, a pastry shop and a sushi place.

In recent weeks, Verandah has been advertising for line cooks and prep cooks for the Wilmington location.

Delaware now has 19 Indian restaurants/takeouts including the newly opened South Indian spot, Rajni, in Bear (@1247 Quintillo Dr (Governer's Sq II)).

Newark Meditation Center Owner Sachin Karnik Loses License
June 7, 2018 - In fresh trouble with law, Delaware Indian Sachin Karnik, owner of Psychotherapeutic Meditation Center in Newark, DE lost his license following criminal and ethical complaints alleging fraud and inappropriate conduct with a patient.

Sachin Karnick - Photo COurtesy - Delaware Department of JusticeSachin Karnik
Prior Health Care Fraud
Sachin Karnik was arrested and he subsequently pleaded guilty in 2016 to one count of felony Health Care Fraud.

According to the 2016 healh care fraud plea:
Karnik, a licensed clinical social worker, admitted that, between November 1, 2005 and May 31, 2006, he engaged in a pattern of presenting fraudulent health care claims to Delaware Physicians Care, Inc., a managed care organization for Delaware Medicaid, by presenting false statements in support of claims for payment. Karnik’s fraudulent scheme involved obtaining additional family information from his patients and falsely billing for counseling services not provided to the other family members. He also obtained additional names of Medicaid recipients and billed for counseling services not rendered.
The New Castle County Superior Court sentenced Karnik to four years of probation and to make restitution in the amount of $63,040.73 and $2,500.00 to Delaware Physicians Care Incorporated and Delaware Medicaid Fraud Control Unit respectively.

Fresh Trouble - License Suspension
Besides charging Sachin Karnik with health care fraud, Delaware Department of Justice also claimed in 2016 that Karnick lied about his background to obtain a license and his Ph.D came from a diploma mill and he disregarded instructions to stop referring to himself as a Ph.D.

Sachin Karnik has also been accused of engaging in a relationship between July and November of 2016 with a client who has a lengthy history of mental illness and hospitalization which the licensing boards found in March 2018 went well beyond ethical boundaries.

The Delaware Secretary of State suspended Sachin Karnik's chemical dependency counseling and license to practice clinical social work for five years based on a disciplinary review by Board of Clinical Social Work Examiners.

According to a March 2018 disciplinary review by the Delaware Board of Clinical Social Work Examiners:
...the relationship "violated appropriate boundaries to the point his professional judgment was impaired."

... affectionate and sexual text messages from the patient and her regular references to Karnick as her "guru"

..Karnick socialized with his patient without reporting those interactions, such as family meals and dates, on her treatment records.
Besides suspending Sachin Karnik's license for five years, Board of Clinical Social Work Examiners disciplinary review also recommended completion of 250 hours of continuing education in ethics and clinical documentation.


August 3, 2017 - Following the practice of desis in NYC and New Jersey, the somnolent Indian community in Delaware is organizing an India Independence Day Parade.

India Day Parade in Delaware
Indian Independece Day Celebrations in Delaware
The parade is scheduled for Sunday, August 13, 2017 two days prior to the actual date of Indian independence day.

India Independence Day Parade will start 11AM at Hockessin Fire Hall and ends at Delaware Hindu Temple (760 Yorklyn Rd Hockessin).

There will be an Indian flag hoisting at 12PM followed by cultural programs both at the Hindu Temple.

Parking is bound to be tight at Delaware Hindu Temple because of the parade. So get there early.


July 31, 2017 - Delaware's annual IndiaFest celebration is scheduled for Saturday August 19, 2017.

IndiaFest Dance Program © DelawareIndia.comIndiaFest Dance Program (File Picture)
Organized by the Delaware Indian community, IndiaFest usually has a bunch of cultural programs performed by local kids along with a few booths selling trinkets, clothing, costume jewelry, Henna, DVDs and assorted stuff.

A popular highlight of IndiaFest is the Indian food sold by a few Indian restaurants.

You can be sure that this year too there will be some desi restaurants peddling Dum Biryani, Gobi Manchurian, Tandoori Chicken, Palak Paneer, naan bread and desserts.

Bhangra and Garba Night
Other highlights of IndiaFest 2017 program include Bhangra and Garba Night. But the Bhangra & Garba have been slotted for late evening, from 8:30PM-10PM.

If you plan on attending, India Fest 2017 will be held at the Bob Carpenter Center at the University of Delaware, 631 S.College Avenue, Newark, DE 19716.

Be aware that there's a $5 admission fee.

IndiaFest 2017 is scheduled from 11AM to 10PM.

Indigo Opens its Doors in Rehoboth
June 10, 2017 - Southern Delaware got its first Indian restaurant with Indigo opening its doors on June 9, 2017.

Indigo is set in the popular beach resort town of Rehoboth and primarily offers North Indian cuisine.

Indigo Rehoboth
Unfortunately, Indigo does not seem to offer a Lunch Buffet, a fixture at most Delaware Indian restaurants.

Here's the $60,000 question: Can Indigo manage to pull in the crowds after the busy summer season ends at Rehoboth?

Visit Indigo web site:
44 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Ph: 302-212-5220

Indian Restaurant Coming to Rehoboth
April 19, 2017 - In a few weeks, Rehoboth Beach in Sussex County will get its first Indian restaurant - Indigo.

Rehoboth Beach ©
Rehoboth Beach
Indigo will offer a range of North Indian dishes including Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, Dal Makhani, Baingan Barta, etc.

The menu is expected to feature a few South Indian items as well.

It's not clear if the new restaurtant will feature a lunch buffet.

Say what you want but an Indian restaurant without a lunch buffet is like Trump without his LIES. :)

Indigo will have a bar although it may not be ready when the restaurant opens in a few weeks (Target Date: Memorial Day).

Maryland Owners
Indigo is being set up by the owners of now closed India's restaurant in Annapolis (Maryland).

India's annapolis maryland
India's, Annapolis (MD)
We have been to India's on several occasions.

Our experience at India's has been a mixed bag.

The old man (owner Suraj Kumar) is a friendly fellow, eager to help. But the younger servers have left us disappointed.

Indigo is coming up at 44 Rehoboth Ave (at the site of the former The Dough Roller pizza place).

We hope Indigo will bring fine Indian food and service to Rehoboth Beach.

May it be the first of many Indian restaurants to come up in Southern Delaware.

Indian Murdered for $20 During Daytime Robbery in Wilmington
January 11, 2017 - Two nut-jobs killed Santanu Kumar Muhuri, a 64-year old Indian, in Wilmington on January 9, 2017.

Owner of the small Lancaster Market store (at the corner of North Clayton St and Lancaster Avenue), Santanu Kumar was killed in a robbery that turned violent.

Santanu Kumar was shot in the head inside the store around 1PM on Monday, January 9.

Emergency medical crew treated the victim at the scene and then took him to the Christiana Hospital where he died at 1:40PM of his injuries.

Local residents described Santanu Kumar as a nice, friendly man who always had a "Hi" for his customers.

Media reports say that after shooting Santanu Kumar, his attackers stole $20 from the store.

14-Year Old Arrested
Police have arrested 14-year old kid Jakevis Ellington and 22-year old Devonte Dorsett in connection with Santanu Kumar's murder.

The two suspects have been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, possession of a firearm by a person prohibited and related counts.

Jakevis and Devonte are suspects and must be considered innocent until and unless a court finds them guilty.

The murder weapon, a .45-caliber gun, has been recovered.

Stay Away from Wilmington
Santanu Kumar is the second homicide victim in Wilmington in 2017.

Indians keen on avoiding poor Santanu Kumar's fate should stay away from downtown Wilmington at any time.

Wilmington has turned into a kind of war zone where innocent people are shot, stabbed, robbed and assaulted.

The local police has lost all control over downtown Wilmington and remain mute witness to the orgy of violence roiling the city.

Local residents refer to Wilmington as "Little Vietnam" because of the constant violence and frequent shootings.

October 30, 2016 - If one Delaware Indian restaurant dies, you can be sure another will quickly be born.

Barely had the news sunk in among Indian food aficionados that Nirvana on Concord Pike had breathed its last than the bells pealed announcing the birth of a new desi restaurant.

Hyderabad House opened its doors at 4621 Ogletown Stanton Road in Newark on October 29, 2016.

Biryani Specialists
Like the other new Indian restaurants (Godavari & Bawarchi Biryani) in Delaware, Hyderabad House specializes in Andhra/Telengana cuisine although it offers food from other parts of India as well.

Hyderabad Biryani ©
Hyderabad Dum Egg Biryani
Several varieties of Biryani including Ulavacharu Chicken Biryani, Goat Dum Biryani, Egg Biryani, Paneer Biryani, Shrimp Fry Biryani, Lagani Chicken Biryani and Avakai Chicken Biryani are part of Hyderabad House's long menu.

A variety of North Indian curries and bread, and South Indian favorites like Idli, Masala Dosa and Medhu Vada are also available at Hyderabad House.

Hyderabad House Buffet
Hyderabad House offers a daily lunch buffet.

The weekday buffet is $10.99 while the weekend buffet is $13.99.

Nirvana Kisses the Dust
October 6, 2016 - Nirvana Indian restaurant located in Independence Mall on Concord Pike in Wilmington has shut down its doors.

Nirvana Wilmington Appetizers ©
Chicken Tikka @ Nirvana
An all-you-can-eat lunch buffet with Groupon and Living Social deals for over two years and a decent location (on RT-202 in the Independence Mall) could not save this Indian restaurant.

Nirvana, which had been around for over a dozen years, served both North Indian and South Indian curries.

Crowded Scene
But Indian food lovers don't have to mourn the death of Nirvana.

There are far too many Indian restaurants in the First state serving lunch buffet, biryanis and street food like chaats etc.

By our count, there are still 24 Indian restaurants in Delaware including two in the state capital Dover.

Now comes the $64,000 question.

Is there a market for so many Indian restaurants when the existing ones even with lunch buffets and Groupon deals are failing.

The U.S. economy is still in a sluggish state and Americans are not eating out at ethnic restaurants as much as they used to.

One has to wait and see which Delaware Indian restaurant will close next.

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Taj Mahal Opens in Wilmington
August 9, 2016 - Delaware resident Mohammed K. Alam has opened the doors to his Indian restaurant Taj Mahal.

Located at 2314 Carpenter Station Road in Wilmington, Taj Mahal offers a Lunch buffet every day and a la carte dining in the evening.

Lunch buffet is $9.99 on weekdays and $10.99 on weekends.

Taj Mahals offers a combination of North Indian and South Indian dishes.

Delaware Masala Dosa
Masala Dosa with Chutneys & Sambar
Idli and a variety of Dosas are available for dinner.

The new restaurants also undertakes catering for corporate and social events and has a party hall.

Competition is severe on the Indian dining front.

With the opening of Taj Mahal, Delaware now has 24 Indian restaurants.


Indian Immigrant Arrested in Bensalem
May 11, 2016 - An unnamed Indian is among 84 criminal aliens arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Enforcement and Removal Operations during a weeklong operation in PA, DE and WV that concluded on May 7, 2016.

According to ICE, the unnamed Indian is a 30-year-old man with prior convictions for "corruption of minors." He was arrested in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, and remains in ICE custody pending a hearing before a federal immigration judge.

Besides the Indian national, the arrested individuals include nationals of Mexico, Uruguay, Kenya, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Liberia, Honduras, Brazil, Ghana, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Bosnia and Germany.

In all likelihood, the arrested individuals will be deported to their home countries.

ICE, which conducted 235,413 removals nationwide in fiscal year 2015, is aggressively targeting removal of people who have been convicted of a criminal offense.


April 26, 2016 - Bawarchi Biryani Point is opening its doors on April 30, 2016 at the same location as the old Taj Palace.

30 Varieties of Biryani
The new restaurant's claim to fame is the 30 varieties of Biryani it intends to offer diners.

Some of the Biryanis you can expect to try at Bawarchi Biryani Point include Avakai....Read More


April 22, 2016 - As I sat sipping the divine Rasam in a cozy booth at Godavari, the new South Indian restaurant on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington, my thoughts drifted to a story I'd recently read, The Country Husband.

...Like the young woman from Normandy, Godavari is a strange combination of grandeur and the profane.

The Rasam, Bengaluru Bindi Pulusu and Chicken Curry I sampled at Godavari were glorious triumphs heralding an excellence seldom seen at Indian restaurants in Delaware.

But Godavari is also an egregious instance of sullied grandeur since it was marred by inexcusable mistakes.

I encountered grave disappointment in the lukewarm, under-flavored Chicken Dum Biryani....Read More


April 19, 2016 - Taj Palace on Kirkwood Highway has passed away.

But fans of Indian cuisine don't have to mourn its loss.

Four more Indian restaurants are opening soon in Delaware....Read More


March 18, 2016 - Market Street is one of the few safe havens from the daily shootings that have scarred downtown Wilmington in Delaware.

Restaurants, mobile phone stores, coffee shops,...Read More


Jetalbhai Desai in Trouble
November 20, 2015 - Westside Liquors (719 W. Eighth Street in Wilmington) owner Jetalbhai Desai (40) is in a spot of trouble.

The Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security arrested Jetalbhai Desai Thursday, November 19, 2015, on charges of four counts of unauthorized trade of food stamps and distribution of loose cigarettes.
Jetalbhai Desai
Jetalbhai Desai
Illegal Activities
The Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement commenced investigation of Westside Liquors after receiving complaints about various illegal activities at the store.

After an undercover agent of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement was able to purchase loose cigarettes at the liquor store, agents of the division searched the store Thursday.

During a search of Jetalbhai's liquor store, agents of the Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement are said to have found several Electronic Benefit Transfer cards (food stamp cards) belonging to other people.

It appears that pins associated with the EBT cards were also found in the store.

Agents from the Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement have seized $2,568 from Jetalbhai's store.

Jetalbhai, who's from Bensalem (PA), has been released on a secured bond of $9,000.

Jetalbhai Desai must be presumed innocent until and unless convicted in a court of law.

Produce Junction Brings Indian Vegetables to Dover
November 18, 2015 - Delaware desis living in Kent and Sussex counties will be pleased to know that a variety of fresh Indian vegetables is now available in Dover.

A huge Produce Junction store has opened in Dover at the same location as the old Circuit City (across the steer from Dover Mall) on RT-13.

Dover Produce Junction ©
Produce Junction on Rt 13, Dover, DE
Indian Vegetables
Produce Junction sells a variety of Indian vegetables and fruits You can get Karela (Indian Bitter Gourd), Doodhi (Bottle Gourd), Baingan (Indian Eggplant), Bangalore Brinjal (Chayote Squash), Cilantro, Ginger, Coconut, Onion, Potato, Spinach, Mango and Squash.

Indian Vegetables at Produce Junction ©
Indian Vegetables - Karela, Doodhi & Baingan
Mangos, peaches, roasted and salted peanuts are also available.

If you're in the mood to buy flowers for your loved one, there's a huge flower section at the store.

Cheap Prices
A huge plus of Produce Junction is that the prices are very cheap.

A big bag of Ginger costs just $1 and for $1.50 you can get two Coconuts.

The disadvantage of Produce Junction is that the store takes cash only and does not provide a receipt for purchases.

Just two months after opening, Produce Junction has already become very popular and gets crowded in the evenings. Head there during the afternoon if you want a less-crowded atmosphere.

1350 N. Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
Ph: 302-674-3080
Produce Junction Hours
Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM-6:00PM
Sunday: 8:00AM-5:00PM

Get Ready for IndiaFest 2015
Delaware's annual IndiaFest celebration is scheduled for August 29, 2015.

Organized by the Delaware Indian community, IndiaFest usually has a bunch of cultural programs performed by local kids along with a few booths selling trinkets, clothing, Henna, DVDs and assorted stuff.

A popular highlight of IndiaFest is the Indian food sold by a few Indian restaurants.

You can be sure that this year too there will be some desi restaurants peddling curries, naan bread and desserts.

Garba Nite
For the first time, the organizers are adding a Garba Nite to the program schedule. But the Garba has been slotted for late evening, from 8:30PM-10:30PM.

If you plan on attending, India Fest 2015 will be held at the Bob Carpenter Center at the University of Delaware, 631 S.College Avenue, Newark, DE 19716.

Be aware that there's a $5 admission fee.

IndiaFest 2015 is scheduled from 12 noon to 10:30PM.

Delaware India Day Parade 2015
July 20, 2015 - Following the practice of desis in NYC and New Jersey, the somnolent Indian community in Delaware is organizing an India Independence Day Parade.

The parade is scheduled for Saturday, August 15, 2015.

India Independence Day Parade will start 10AM at Delaware Hindu Temple (760 Yorklyn Rd Hockessin).

There will be an Indian flag hoisting followed by cultural programs both at the Hindu Temple.

Parking is bound to be tight at Delaware Hindu Temple because of the parade. So get there early.

DE Rewards Illegal Desis with Driver's License
July 1, 2015 - For all the Indian illegal immigrants in Delaware crying foul over the failure of the Obama administration to bless them with an amnesty, there's a consolation prize.

Come January 1, 2016, desi illegals (and undocumented workers of other nationalities too) in Delaware will be able to get a Driver's License.

The Driver's Licenses for illegal immigrants will be marked "Not Valid for Identification" and "Driving Privileges Only."

Applicants for the "illegals Driver's License" must submit proof of residence in Delaware for two years and get fingerprinted to get the license.

Delaware's political bodies (the Senate and House of Representatives) signed off on the legislation on June 30, 2015 and the "illegals Driver's License" bill has gone to Governor Jack Markell for his signature.Since Governor Markell is a strong supporter of granting Driver's License to undocumented immigrants in Delaware, he will sign the "illegals Driver's License" bill.

Delaware intends to spend $317,652 to launch the Driver's License for illegal immigrants program plus another $112,652 every year.

Indian Illegals in Delaware
Delaware has over 20,000 illegal immigrants of which at least a few thousand are Indians.

Boy, aren't all you illegal desis glad you live in the great state of Delaware where the state government spends nearly half a million dollars to assist law-breakers.

When you stop to think how Indians in India attack people from other states (Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have witnessed violence against 'outsider Indians'), you'll realize how generous Delaware is toward illegal immigrants.

With Delaware issuing Driver's License or so called "Privilege Cards" to illegal immigrants, we can be sure more Indians will be heading to the First State either for short or permanent stay.

Now thank your stars and chant Jai Shri Ram 1,000-times!


3 New Indian Restaurants Hit Delaware

June 20, 2015 - The oversaturated Indian restaurants business in Delaware will see heightened competition with three new desi restaurants hitting the First State.
Prasad Matta's Everest Indian Grocery off Carpenter Road in Wilmington has added an Indian food section to the store.

Masala Dosa at Everest Grocery costs $6, Onion Pakora $2, Samosa Chaat $4 and Chicken Biryani is $8.

Tavva Indian Cafe has opened on E.Main Street in Newark.

Tavva offers a combination of North Indian and South Indian items including Dum Biryani. Here's a sample from Tavva's menu: Vegetable Pakora ($6), Mini Idly Sambar ($8), Samosa Chaat ($8), Dal Tadka($10), Vegetable Fried Rice ($10) and Boneless Chicken Biryani ($13).

Finally, Masala Kitchen is opening this summer in Wilmington's bustling Market Street.
Delaware Samosa Chaat
Samosa Chaat
Peddling only vegetarian items and Chaats (Indian street food), Masala Kitchen has had a presence at the weekend New Castle Farmer's market for the last couple of years.

Including the three new Indian restaurants and the Hindu Temple Canteen in Hockessin, Delaware now has 22 Indian restaurants.

Sadly, most Indian restaurants in Delaware that we've tried offer unpalatable food.


South Indian Gas Station Worker Arrested

May 22, 2015 - Delaware State Police have arrested Fnu Rajasekhar Kuram, a South Indian worker at the Shell Gas Station at 1148 Christiana Rd, Newark, for allegedly touching a female customer inappropriately around midnight on May 22, 2015.

Rajasekhar Kuram
Rajasekhar Kuram
Delaware State Police said Rajasekhar followed a 21-year-old Philadelphia woman into the store's bathroom and asked her to expose herself to him.

Following the woman's refusal, Rajasekhar then inappropriately touched her, the police said.

After a brief struggle, the woman managed to break free and called 911.

The victim is said to have sustained a minor injury but declined medical treatment at the scene.

Charged with Unlawful Sexual Contact 1st Degree, Rajasekhar Kuram was arraigned at the Justice of the Peace Court 2 on Friday, May 22, 2015.

Rajasekhar has been committed to the Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington for lack of $5,000 secured bail.


Newark Indian Restaurant Damaged in Fire

January 11, 2015 - Tandoori Indian restaurant in the Meadowood Shopping Complex on Kirkwood Highway, Newark has been damaged in a fire Saturday, January 10, 2015.

Delaware Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Chicken

The fire is said to have caused damage to the dining area and front of the Indian restaurant located at 2671 Kirkwood Hwy, Newark, DE 19711.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

Delaware fire investigators blamed the fire on a faulty kerosene heater in the restaurant.

Tandoori was closed when the fire broke out around 10 in the morning.

The fire is estimated to have caused damages of around $25,000.

Tandoori Restaurant is a fairly new restaurant with several popular Indian dishes like Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Prawn, Tandoori Shrimp Masala, Tandoori bread, Fish Tikka, Mattar Paneer, Samosa Chaat, Bhel Puri and Mango Lassi on its menu.

The restaurant also served Indian-Chinese items like Chilli Chicken, Gobi Manchurian, Paneer Chilli etc and South Indian favorites like Masala Dosa and Idli.

Location Jinxed?
One wonders if the spot occupied by Tandoori Restaurant in the Meadowwood Shopping Complex is jinxed.

You see, three Indian restaurants (Cafe Chettinad, Himalaya and Flavor of India) that occupied the same spot as Tandoori have closed in the last 10 years.

Here's hoping Tandoori Restaurant will recover from this unfortunate mishap and open its doors soon again.


Mumbai Woman Dies in Delaware

October 2, 2014 - Mumbai tourist Jyotsna Poojari (43) died at the Christiana Hospital on Thursday following injuries she suffered in the September 21 bus crash in Delaware.

Jyotsna was the third person to die as a result of the crash that occurred near the exit ramp of 1 South and 13 North.

The bus was returning to New York City from a weekend trip to Washington DC when the Chinese bus driver lost control.

One person died at the scene and another at the hospital the same day.

Several others were injured and three are still in hospital.


Patel Employee Shot

A 66-year-old clerk working at Cutrona's Liquors at 4623 N Market Street, Wilmington was shot Thursday night during a robbery.

Emergency medical personnel rushed to the Patel-owned liquor store and moved the injured employee to Christiana Hospital.

Police say the employee's condition is NOT serious.

It seems a second employee of the store was beaten. He was taken to Wilmington Hospital.

Delaware Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy in connection with the assault and robbery and are looking for three others.

Ashok Patel and Navin Patel are the owners of Cutrona's Liquors.

Second-Time Robbery
This is the second time Cutrona's Liquors has been robbed.

The store was robbed on December 31, 2008 but the criminals were quickly nabbed on that occasion.

Wilmington has witnessed a spate of shootings this year.

In May a report declared Wilmington the most dangerous small city in the U.S.


Delaware India Independence Day Parade 2014

August 5, 2014 - Following the practice of desis in New Jersey and New York, the somnolent Indian community in Delaware is organizing an India Independence Day Parade.

The parade is scheduled for Saturday, August 16 (one day after the actual Independence day).

India Day Parade will start at 11AM at Hockessin Firehall and end at Delaware Hindu Temple (760 Yorklyn Rd Hockessin).

There will be an Indian flag hoisting at 12PM and cultutal program at 1PM, both at the Hindu Temple.

Parking is bound to be tight at Delaware Hindu Temple because of the parade. So get there early.


Amtrak Jokers Leave Without 200 Passengers

Amtrak Train to DC
An Amtrak Train to Washington DC Passing through
Metropark Station, New Jersey

August 4, 2014: In the U.S., the so called national railways Amtrak service is so horribly incompetent that a train recently left New York City Penn Station without the 200 ticketed passengers waiting to board the train for Washington DC.

The passengers were waiting on the platform to leave for Washington DC while the train left from a different platform.

The incident happened on the Acela Express 2253 on Saturday, August 2, 2014 from NYC to Washington DC.

After the train left, the Amtrak buffoons at Penn Station in NYC tried to pacify irate passengers with pizza and Dorito chips.

Based on my experience traveling on Amtrak, the staff are unforgivably rude and the expensive, crappy train service deserves to be shut down.

I don't know why we are squandering tax payer subsidies on these Amtrak chimps.

Folks, the next time you're looking to travel to DC or NYC from Wilminton, don't even think of booking your ticket on Amtrak.

Take the plane or the Chinatown bus.


Sikhs to Feed 150 in Wilmington

August 1, 2014: The Sikh community in Delaware plans to offer a meal to about 150 homeless people in Wilmington on Saturday August 2, 2014.

The location is at the intersection of French St and Lombard St in Wilmington.

The free meal will be served at 2PM.

Delaware Sikhs are organizing the free meal to mark the second anniversary of the shooting of Sikhs at Oak Creek, Wisconsin Gurdwara.

Six Sikhs were killed and four wounded in the attack on Wisconsin Gurdwara.

Catholics and Muslims will join the Delaware Sikh community in serving the free meals to the homeless in Wilmington.


Rahul Patel in Deep Trouble

July 27, 2014 - Delaware State Police say Newark resident Rahul Patel was driving drunk on the night of July 26, 2014 when he struck a bicyclist on RT-273.

The adult male bicyclist, who has not been named, died on the spot.

Rahul Patel Drunk Driving Case
Rahul A. Patel

Since Rahul was wearing a seat belt, he was not injured.

Delaware State Police have charged Rahul with Vehicular Homicide and related charges in connection with the cyclist's death.

Rahul is being held at Howard R. Young Correctional Institution on E.12th St in Wilmington, Delaware on $20,500 Cash Bond.

Rahul Patel is 21-years-old (Date of Birth: 4/7/1993).

Incident Details:
Here's an excerpt from the Delaware State Police statement on the incident involving Rahul:

Preliminary investigation indicates that the crash occurred on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at approximately 8:30 p.m. as a 2003 Honda Accord operated by Rahul A. Patel-21 of Newark, Delaware was traveling at a high rate of speed on westbound Ogletown Road (DE-273) approaching the Ruthar Drive intersection. Patel lost control of the Honda which traveled off of the roadway onto the center median, rotating counter-clockwise, and continuing into the intersection. The passenger side of the Honda struck an adult male bicyclist who was traveling through the intersection in a northerly direction, attempting to cross Ogletown Road.

The male bicyclist suffered multiple traumatic injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

New Indian Restaurant Coming in Wilmington

July 24, 2014 - An Indian restaurant offering Dosas, Biryani and a choice of curries is scheduled to open in a couple of months.

The restaurant will come up in Wilmington on Carpenter Station Rd adjacent to a Turkish Halal takeout place that also serves Samosas.

Wilmington already has four Indian restaurants - India Grille (Naaman's Rd), Nirvana (RT-202), India Palace (RT-4) and Bawarchi (RT-202).

It's not clear if the new Wilmington Indian restaurant will offer lunch buffets.

Delaware Indian restaurants that do not offer a lunch buffet find it difficult to attract diners.

Expect the still-unnamed restaurant to be up and running by September/October 2014.