Cheap Movie Tickets in Delaware

For cheap movie tickets in Delaware, it's hard to beat Cinemark Christiana Mall in Newark and Carmike Cinemas in the state capital Dover.

Cinemark Christiana Mall
At Cinemark Christiana movie theatre at the Christiana Mall, Tuesday is the Discount Day.

 © Cinemark at Christiana MallCinemark Theater @ Christiana Mall, Newark
Most movies on Tuesdays are $5.75 (Indian movies are excluded from the discount and still cost upward of $15).

So if you're not in a rush to see a movie, Tuesday is the day to watch the latest Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence or Brad Pitt film.

AMC Dover 14
AMC Dover Bargain Matinee show tickets between 4PM-6PM are priced at $5.99 (2D), likely the lowest for a new movie in all of Delaware.

AMC Dover 14 is located in the Dover Mall on RT-13, a 2-minute drive from Dover Downs Casino. There's a small food court adjacent to Dover Cinemas.

The unfortunate part of AMC Dover Cinemas is that they don't screen Indian movies (Regal Cinemas at People's Plaza on RT-40 in Newark is the only theatre that screens Bollywood films).

The other regrettable aspect of Dover Cinemas is that they do not get Indie movies, foreign pictures or offbeat films. The nearest theatres for foreign and indie cinemas are Regal Brandywine and the three Ritz Cinemas in Philadelphia.