Delaware Insurance Agents

Nothing in life is unpredictable.

Despite our best planning, things do go awry sometimes on both the personal and business fronts. The good, happy times of today can quickly turn into depressing moments tomorrow.
That's why people need to buy insurance - to safeguard against the uncertainties and sudden calamities of life.

Delaware is not short of insurance agents.

Some insurance agents specialize in life insurance while others sell business, auto, home and health insurance.

There are also insurance agents who focus exclusively on visitors travel insurance (provides medical coverage for parents and other close relatives visiting from India).

Contact an Indian insurance agent today and find out how you, your family, your home and your business can be protected against the bad surprises of tomorrow.

Muncie Insurance
4400 N Market St
Wilmington, DE 19802
Ph: 302-761-961

Lisa M. Broadbent
Nationwide Insurance Agent
20 Polly Drummond Hill Road
Newark, DE 19711
Ph: 302-731-0044