Dover Flea Market

Spence's Bazaar in the Delaware state capital Dover is the best known flea market in Delaware and also the oldest (over 75-years).

With both indoor and outdoor stores, Spence's Bazaar offers a variety of products.

As with any flea market, the sky is the limit on what you can find at Spence's Bazaar - electrical parts, old music records, clothing, books, trinkets, carpets, scarves, jackets, hand-tools and so much more.

Spence's Bazaar Dover ©
Spence's Bazaar
550 South New St
Dover, DE 19904
Ph: 302-734-3441

There are a bunch of eating joints at Spence's Bazaar offering bread, eggs, sausages, pastries etc.

You can even participate in auctions for some products at Spence's Bazaar.

Spence's Bazaar - Hours

Spence's Bazaar - the Dover Flea Market is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 7:30AM-5PM throughout the year.

Parking can be a bit of headache in the area.

There are a gazillion items at Spence's Bazaar.

On a recent visit to Spence's Bazaar, we stopped a while to take some pictures:

Spence's Bazaar Cakes ©
Cakes @ Spence's Bazaar

Spence's Bazaar Breads ©

Hey, there's even a meat shop at Spence's Bazaar.

Spence's Bazaar Meats ©
Meat Shop

Spence's Bazaar Desserts ©
Desserts Section

Spence's Bazaar Deli Pickles ©
Deli Selling Pickles

Spence's Bazaar Bake Shop ©
Cookies and Bakery Products

Spence's Bazaar Milk and Eggs ©
Milk and Eggs

Look, here's a shop selling hats, winter clothing, belts, hand gloves etc at Spence's Bazaar.

Spence's Bazaar Hats and Clothing Shop ©
Hats and Gloves for Sale

New Castle flea market at the Farmer's Market on RT-13 doesn't have the same flea-market look and feel, at least for us.

Why not pay a visit to Spence's Bazaar and feast your eyes on the aisles of goodies at Delaware's premier flea market.

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