Greyhound Bus to NYC from Wilmington

Greyhound operates multiple daily trips to New York City from Wilmington on N.French St.

The Greyhound bus station in Wilmington is located across the street from the Amtrak train station.

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Greyhound service from University of Delaware near Main St in Newark has been discontinued.

Many Routes
Besides NYC, Greyhound runs buses to several major cities.

You can take a bus from Wilmington to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Columbus, Cleveland, Richmond, Roanoke, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

greyhound Bus
A Greyhound Bus in Delaware

Greyhound Bus - More Expensive
Compared to Chinatown buses that ply from 3 West 4th St in Wilmington, Greyhound buses to NYC are generally more expensive whether you travel from Newark or Wilmington.

A walkup roundtrip ticket from Wilmington to NYC on the Chinatown bus is just $35 and a one-way ticket is $20.

But a walkup ticket on the Greyhound bus is nearly double the fare. I called the Greyhound bus station in Wilmington on November 8 for a walkup fare to NYC. The fare I was given was $62 roundtrip and $31 for a one-way ticket.

That's so much more expensive than the Chinatown bus fare.

For last-minute travels, my suggestion would be to get a friend to give you a ride to Wilmington and take the Chinatown bus from there to NYC. You'll be saving a lot of money that way.

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$1 Ticket - Hard to Snag
If you book your Grehound bus ticket online 21-days in advance, you can snag $1 tickets to NYC.

No kidding. I have made several trips to NYC from Greyhound's Wilmington location (across the street from the Amtrak station) paying just $1.

But like any good deal those $1 tickets are limited. These days, I find it really, really hard to snag these $1 tickets.

If you're a penny-pinching scrooge like me, you might want to try and book early to save on the expensive Greyhound tickets.

Free WiFi
Greyhound Express include free Wi-Fi, power outlets, leather seats, reserved seating and decent legroom.

So you can stretch your legs comfortably, charge your cellphone/laptops/iPads and update our Facebook accounts and send out Tweets.

electrical power outlets in a greyhound Bus
Power Outlets in a Greyhound Bus to NYC

But be aware that the free Wi-Fi on board the Greyhound buses do not work always.

During my multiple Greyhound trips, on at least two or three occasions the Internet access was down.

NYC - Where to Board/Get Down
In New York City, Greyhound buses depart from the bus station at the Port Authority Terminal on 8th Avenue and 42nd St in Midtown Manhattan.

Port Authority bus terminal is also the drop-off point.

There's a convenient subway station right below the Port Authority terminal. You can reach most parts of NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Long Island from the Port Authority via subway (with transfers).

Broadway theatres and Times square are within walking distance of the Port Authority bus terminal.

Hey, you can also get airport shuttle buses to JFK, LaGuardia and Newark (NJ) right outside the Port Authority terminal on 8th Ave.

If you want to splurge on yellow cabs, there's a taxi stand right outside Port Authority on 8th Ave.

nyc port authority bus terminal
Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC
8th Ave and W.42nd St

To purchase tickets and for the Greyhound bus schedule, visit

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