Delaware Immigration Attorneys

One of the important things for Iindian or other immigrants is maintaining their legal status in the U.S.

Navigating through the complex procedures of U.S. immigration laws and regulations can be a herculean task for laymen.

For, most U.S. immigration rules and application forms are complicated.

It's best to use services of an immigration attorney to handle your immigration application be it for a H1B work visa, political asylum or family immigration.

The immigration stakes are too high to risk any mistakes either in understanding the rules or filling up the forms.

Even minor errors in your immigration application may result in denials or processing delays.

Whether you're applying for political asylum, citizenship through naturalization, employment--based green card or family green card, H4 dependent visa for your spouse, H1B work visa, or extending visitors visa for your parents, let an immigration attorney handle your application.

Huang Law LLC

Practice Areas:
* Visas for permanent & temporary stays
* Family based immigration
* I-9 compliance
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Bagia & Associates

Practice Areas:
* Employment & family immigration
* Deportation defense
* Naturalization
* Refugees & asylum
* Criminal defense
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