Delaware Indian Businesses

Save the usual motels, liquor stores and Dunkin Donuts franchises, there are not many Indian owned businesses in Delaware.

These days, I don't see many convenience stores owned by desis either. One Indian convenience store I used to frequent in Dover closed a couple of years back.

Owing to the depressed economy, Delaware's restaurants and grocery stores too don't seem to be on a strong wicket lately.

The devastating daily violence in Wilmington has likely turned off Indians from establishing small stores in the city.

The Farmers Market on Kirkwood Hwy stocks most Indian grocery products and poses a stiff challenge to the desi grocery stores.

One interesting Indian owned business in Delaware is Bloom Energy founded by entrepreneur K.R.Sridhar.

Bloom Energy makes solid oxide fuel cells that can be used to generate power.

Bloom Energy Manufacturing Center Delaware
200 Cristina Parkway
Newark, DE 19713
Ph: 302-533-3650

If you're an Indian businessman looking to start a new venture in Delaware, contact the state authorities first to see if you can squeeze some grants and tax exemptions out of them.

Delaware is so starved of businesses that the state is throwing money at any entrepreneur who promises to launch a new venture in the state.

The clueless bonobos in the Delaware business promotion program squandered nearly $20 million on the ill-fated Karma car project which crashed even before a single car could be built in the state.

Better Business Bureau of Delaware
60 Reads Way
New Castle, DE 19720
Ph: 302-221-5255

Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
435 N. DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901
Ph: 302-734-7513