Bawarchi Wilmington Indian Restaurant

2909-1/2 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803

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Bawarchi Biryani Wilmington

Bawarchi Wilmington Delaware: Hang the Criminals

Something is seriously wrong with Bawarchi Indian restaurant in Wilmington and I have more than half a mind to call the police.

Nobody told these Tamil fellas at Bawarchi that an Indian restaurant should not prepare such delicious food.

Did the Bawarchi bonobos not get the memo that Indian food should be lukewarm, stale (preferably leftovers from last week), dripping in oil and bear a foul odor?

The cheek, the effrontery of the Bawarchi folks to serve fresh, piping hot food, yummy in flavor sent me into a paroxysm of fury?

Seriously, what's wrong with these Indian dudes.

Kadai Chicken

Like any Indian of a sound mind, I love the spicy Indian curry Kadai Chicken.

The sight and smell of Kadai Chicken sends me into an orgasmic swoon.

This popular curry is prepared by cooking chicken in a spicy gravy of tomato and capsicum.

You eat this curry with rice, Chapati, Roti or Naan.

As an Indian given to eating out a lot, I've had Kadai Chicken on countless occasions.

But rarely ever do I feel satisfied with the Kadai Chicken that lands on my table.

It's never hot (spice-level) for my Indian palate and has no flavor. Much as I loath wasting food, invariably I leave behind half the plate untouched.

Still, given my fondness for the dish I asked for Kadai Chicken during my recent visit to Bawarchi.

It took about 15-minutes for my Kadai Chicken to be ready.

Bawarchi Wilmington Kadai Chicken Lunch
Kadai Chicken, Naan & Rice - $8.99

But it was well worth the wait.

Freshly prepared, it had the right spice level for my spice craving Indian palate.

The capsicum flavor was strong and the tender chicken pieces nestled in delicious medium-thick, spicy gravy.

Fresh Naan bread was a buttery revelation and the serving size of Kadai Chicken generous.

Along with the Naan bread and hot white rice, it was a solid meal.

Egg Biryani

Biryani is another favorite of 99% of Indians. And I'm no different from the herd.

Bawarchi's Egg Biryani had several things going in its favor.

Bawarchi Wilmington Egg Biryani
Egg Biryani - $10.99

On the minus side, Bawarchi's Egg Biryani was a little dry and could have used a tad more cooking oil.

Bawarchi's Egg Biryani included two sides - raitha and gravy.

Raitha was medium thick and packed a nice onion, cilantro flavor.

The peanut flavored gravy was a bit bitter in taste.

Its minor issues aside, overall Bawarchi's egg Biryani was a treat.

Bawarchi - Stay Away

What's the world come to that we must endure such indignities as delicious fresh Indian curries and Biryani at a reasonable price! strongly recommends you not visit Bawarchi Indian restaurant off RT-202 in Wilmington (behind Rita's Ice).

Because if you visit Bawarchi once, you might stop visiting other Indian restaurants in Delaware.

If you value the quantity of a crappy all-you-can-eat bland buffet above the quality of fresh and spicy Indian food, Bawarchi is not the place for you.

In a Wilmington littered with terrible Indian restaurants like Nirvana and India Grille, I'm mighty glad there's a fine desi eatery Bawarchi. - ©

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